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Michael O’Garra

Gary Gordon

Top 10 Benefits

  • Available 24hours and at short notice
  • FREE advice and assistance at the police station
  • Recognised as leaders in our specialist areas
  • Complex case specialists
  • Members of the VHCC panel
  • Free Legal Aid available for Court representation
  • Case against you and the relevant law explained in plain English
  • All defence avenues explored
  • Over 25 years experience allows us a caring & understanding approach to criminal cases
  • 100’s of satisfied clients

At O’Garra’s we do football agency differently.  We are not just passionate about the game of football, but passionate about our players and instilling in them a belief work ethic and approach to the game which will see them progress.

We represent players in Premier League & Championship clubs as well as all leagues across England and Scotland.  We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of professional sporting life.


We set our players goals and targets both in terms of fitness and performance levels.  We advise our clients how to conduct themselves both on and off the field and how to make the best impression, for example when on trial at another Club.   As a firm of solicitors you can be assured that our attention to detail is second to none.  We are, of course, authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we are authorised by the FA to conduct football agency work, negotiate contracts and arrange loans etc.


With over 25 years experience we have built a strong network of contacts not only at Clubs and coaching level but within the professional game and also with other sports, fitness, financial and other experts.


You can be assured that as a player you are in safe hands with people who care about your career progression; we will be there through thick and thin to offer advice and assistance when you need it most , when injured or when you do not have the benefit of a playing contract – in other words when times are hard.  It is then that our motivational skills can be best utilised.


We are happy for you to speak to some of the players we represent and/or  their parents.  Just call for a initial discussion without any obligation.


Please contact Gary Gordon or Michael O’Garra. Authorised agent by the FA – RLO600.