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Top 10 Benefits

  • Available 24hours and at short notice
  • FREE advice and assistance at the police station
  • Recognised as leaders in our specialist areas
  • Complex case specialists
  • Members of the VHCC panel
  • Free Legal Aid available for Court representation
  • Case against you and the relevant law explained in plain English
  • All defence avenues explored
  • Over 25 years experience allows us a caring & understanding approach to criminal cases
  • 100’s of satisfied clients



“It may harm your defence if you do not mention O’Garra’s when questioned if you require a Solicitor”
– remember it’s free

We have experience of dealing with a whole spectrum of criminal offences, Murder, Rape, Drugs and Drug Trafficking, Fraud, Kidnap, Burglary, Robbery right through to shoplifting and Road Traffic Offences.  With over 25 years experience in the business you can be assured that our experts will have experience of dealing with cases just like yours.


At the police station


Our office is manned 24 hours a day and so despite what the police sometimes tell detainees, we are able to attend at the police station very promptly.  We have 15 Solicitors and Police Station Representatives at your disposal.  We will guide you through your rights whilst you are in custody and then ascertain the nature and strength of evidence against you.  We will advise you in terms you understand about the law and therefore the best approach to any interview under Caution.  We will make representations to the police to secure the best possible outcome for the investigation and for bail.  We will confirm our advice in writing and advise you of any further steps that you need to take in relation to your case.


Court proceedings


We are recognised as top solicitors and leaders in our field.  We have a strong experienced defence team of Solicitors, Caseworkers and Advocates.  We care about our clients and their cases.  We listen to you concerns and guide you through your case.  We will advise you on the funding and costs in your case and the availability of FREE Legal Aid.


We will assess the strength and weight and admissibility of evidence against you.  Based on our experience of dealing with cases just like yours, we will instruct Advocates, Barristers and experts most suited to your case.  We will challenge the Prosecution at all possible stages and explore all relevant avenues to win your case.  We will fight your corner and secure the best achievable outcome.   Don’t just take our word for it, explore our website and see what our clients have had to say about the service we provide.


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