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Gemma Raines

Top 10 Benefits

  • Available 24hours and at short notice
  • FREE advice and assistance at the police station
  • Recognised as leaders in our specialist areas
  • Complex case specialists
  • Members of the VHCC panel
  • Free Legal Aid available for Court representation
  • Case against you and the relevant law explained in plain English
  • All defence avenues explored
  • Over 25 years experience allows us a caring & understanding approach to criminal cases
  • 100’s of satisfied clients


At O’Garra’s our service and commitment does not stop at the Courtroom door. We recognise that our clients who become prisoners have well established rights.  We can offer advice and representation to prisoners on their rights in the following areas:



We can assist with all re-categorisation reviews whether that be downgrading or upgrading in your category status. We have experience in re-categorisation reviews from Category A review boards through to category D reviews. We can submit written representations on your behalf and are also able to advise all prisoners as to the prospect of challenging a refusal to downgrade. We have previously been successful in judicially challenging decisions of prisons to upgrade our client’s categorisation status, sending them back to closed conditions after a period in category D. On successful challenge of the decision our client’s have been returned back to open conditions. We can also assist in having the prison conduct an early review of your categorisation status if you have grounds for doing so.


Revocation of Licence

When a licence has been revoked and a prisoner has been recalled to prison, a prisoner can appeal to the Parole Board. We have extensive experience in dealing with these appeals. As if often the case with recall cases, a prisoner’s case finds itself at the bottom of a pile, and reviews end up being delayed by months at a time. We actively ensure this does not happen to our clients by maintaining contact with PPCS and the Parole Board, and ensuring your case is constantly moving forward. Not only do we liaise with PPCS and the Parole Board but we also speak with prisoners probations officers, so that we can all work together to get the prison re-released in the shortest time possible. We have in the past been recommended by probation officers to clients for achieving results in this area! Our biggest success story is having the same client re-released on his licence four times!



We have experience in dealing with both determinate and indeterminate parole cases. In terms of determinate sentence prisoners, we will consider the parole dossier, come and see you at the prison, discuss the contents and then make written representations on your behalf to the Parole Board. In respect of indeterminate sentence prisoners we have experience of dealing with both life sentence prisoners and IPP’s. We know that this is a very stressful time and ensure that during the parole process you are seen at the prison regularly. This therefore involves a visit when your dossier is first disclosed, to go through the same with you, before preparing ICM representations to the Parole Board. Then after an oral hearing is granted, several visits in the lead up to the hearing. We are not a firm who will turn up on the morning of your hearing and meet you for the first time! We also have experience in Guittard applications for lifers and IPP’s wanting to request a move to open conditions without having to have an oral hearing.



Our experienced team are able to represent a prisoner charged with a breach of prison rules at an adjudication before the governor or the independent adjudicator. We ensure you are visited within the week and the written representations are either submitted to the governor, or we appear for you in front of the judge.


Access to OBP/Sentence Planning

We are able to assist in helping you progress through your sentence plan and access offending behaviour programmes that often have endless waiting lists. We have previously worked with both determinate sentence prisoners and lifers to assist in getting them moved to establishments that either run the courses, or assisting them in moving up the waiting lists for these courses at the establishment they are already in.


Appeal HDC

We have experience advising on appeals against HDC refusals where the prison has refused to grant you early release on tag. We will submit representations to the governor asking that they reconsider their decision.


We aim to respond quickly to all prison law enquiries, and provide you or your family member in custody, with a friendly efficient service. We are a firm that will always visit our client’s in custody, and have a dedicated prison law mobile number so that Gemma Dixon, our prison law specialist, can be contacted day or night in the event of an emergency.


We undertake our own advocacy, and as such you will see the same face from initial instruction through to your hearing, allowing for continuity and a better understanding of your case.


We understand that being in prison can be a stressful time for client’s and their family members. We try to help ease that as much as we can by fighting your corner!
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