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Michael O’Garra

Top 10 Benefits

  • Available 24hours and at short notice
  • FREE advice and assistance at the police station
  • Recognised as leaders in our specialist areas
  • Complex case specialists
  • Members of the VHCC panel
  • Free Legal Aid available for Court representation
  • Case against you and the relevant law explained in plain English
  • All defence avenues explored
  • Over 25 years experience allows us a caring & understanding approach to criminal cases
  • 100’s of satisfied clients

We specialise in advising business and private individuals on the complexities of Environmental Law.  If you have been accused of breaching Environment Law and face an investigation or prosecution we can help you defend those allegations.


Environment Agency Investigations


O’Garra’s are specialist criminal defence solicitors and therefore we are able to represent you and utilise our 25 years of experience to advise you on how best to approach an interview under Caution.  Cases can be won or lost at the police station so it is important to contact us before arranging any interview with the Environment Agency.


The EA investigate businesses who are found to have breached environmental regulations and can result in the business being prosecuted in the criminal courts.   The Environment Agency, of course, inspects businesses and industrial sites to assess compliance with regulation and to identify potential risks of harm to the environment.  We can help you in dealing with these inspections by:-


  • Visiting your site and identifying potential problems
  • Testing compliance with permit or license requirements
  • Suggesting practical solutions to ensure a smoother, compliant business operation
  • Reviewing, writing, assessing or remodelling your working plan with a view to increasing efficiency and regulatory compliance.


When problems do occur we pride ourselves on being able to act quickly. We have had great success in negotiating with the Environment Agency an appropriate way forward and have avoided a number of potential prosecutions.


EA Prosecutions


The Environment Agency, as well as issuing Enforcement and Prohibition Notices, has the power to prosecute individuals, businesses and companies who are found, in their view, to be violating environmental law or regulation.  Such cases can involve businesses found to be fly tipping, causing water pollution, incorrectly disposing of harmful chemicals or waste.


We have experience in defending cases in the Magistrates and Crown Courts for individuals and companies charged with a wide spectrum of EA law offences.


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